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HEAD SHOTS                                     30 Minutes in Studio         $89.00         Average Final Pictures        2-3
HEAD SHOTS                                     30 Minutes on Location     $149.00         Average Final Pictures        2-3

EVENTS                                              First Hour                    $200.00     Average Pictures *      50-100

EVENTS                                              Each hour after first     $100.00     Average Pictures *     50-100  Per Hour

                                                                                 REAL ESTATE - RESIDENTIAL

Up to 40 pictures (up to 3000sq ft)              $179.00                Delivered via EMAIL

Up to 50 pictures (3001 - 5000 sq ft )          $209.00                Delivered via EMAIL

Up to 60 pictures (5000 sq ft and over)      $239.00 and up   Delivered via EMAIL

Prices are based on the house being “Camera Ready” at the appointment time

All packages come with ample shots, all in HDR (at the discretion of the photographer) which will be processed, touched up, and emailed to Agent.

 Travel time included is up to 40 miles roundtrip from our studio. Additional miles billed at $2.00 per mile.

 Additional pictures over stated maximum shall be billed at $4.00 per picture

 Pricing is approximate and many things have bearings on the shoot. For instance, a finished basement or pools will raise the price to the next level.

 Pricing is based on the Property being ready for photography. Any delay shall be billed at $90.00 per hour, prorated by the minute. 

Blowing off of leaves is considered NOT CAMERA READY, and will be charged at the above rate.

                                     Up to 3000 Sq ft, up to 45 minutes included for the shoot
                                     From 3001—5000 Sq ft, up to 1 hour 10 minutes for the shoot
                                     Over 5000 Sq ft, up to 1.5 hours per shoot


 One Sky and Grass Replacement will be included in the base price
                       Additional replacements will be provided (if Agent requests) before pictures are processed.

                         The price will be double if we are asked to go back and edit after initial processing.
                                   Sky replacement $8.00 each
                                   Grass Replacement $8.00 each
                                   If both Sky and Grass are requested for the same picture, $12.00

                          Aerial photographs with grass replacement will be $16.00 each


If Agents schedules an appointment and cancels it the day before the shoot, there will be a $89 charge.

Cancellations the same day as a scheduled shoot, Agent will be billed at the full amount of the shoot. These charges must be paid before we will reschedule the shoot.

                                      ALL PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE


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